Storage Tips: Serve THE Freshest Matcha


Storage Tips: Serve THE Freshest Matcha

Matcha powder is delicate! Incorporating our storage best practices and tips will ensure that you are able to serve THE freshest, most delicious matcha to your loyal customers!

But, first... what is oxidation?

Did you know that matcha naturally oxidizes? Yup, just like apples, bananas, and other foods. Learn more about steps you can take to slow down the rate of oxidation and keep your matcha as fresh as possible. Learn about oxidation >


Here are our favorite storage tips we practice at home:

  1. Store unopened bulk wholesale matcha in the original, airtight tin or pouch it arrives in. Once opened, we recommend pre-sifting and transferring the amount of matcha powder you will use for the day's service and tightly seal the 1lb pouch for storage in a refrigerator of freezer. This will effectively slow down the rate of oxidation and preserve the vibrant green color and fresh taste.
  2. Ensure that you store matcha away from pungent foods or open containers as it can absorb the essence of foods in your fridge, resulting in an unpleasant experience once consumed.
  3. If you're tight on space in your fridge or freezer, the next best option would be to store unopened pouches in a dark storage room or cabinet — away from light and heat sources (like stove tops, heathers, or direct sunlight).
  4. Keep an eye on the "best by date" — unopened containers/pouches of matcha will keep for up to a year. Once opened, we recommend using matcha within 3 months.


Want more wholesale matcha tips?

We made something just for you and your team :)

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