Simple Matcha Affogato


Simple Matcha Affogato

If you're looking to expand your matcha menu offerings and provide a deliciously sweet treat for your customers, try this recipe!  We put a matcha spin on this classic by substituting the espresso shot with a delicious matcha shot!

What is affogato?

You may be familiar with a classic affogato made with an espresso shot and vanilla ice cream. Affogato translates to “drowned” in Italian as the ice cream is essentially drowning in espresso. We used our popular Teahouse Edition Ceremonial Grade Wholesale Matcha to craft this super simple recipe! Shop Teahouse Edition >






  1. Sift matcha powder into a chawan (tea bowl). Sifting is an important step to ensure that large clumps are broken down, resulting in a smooth matcha shot. Use a bamboo whisk or electric frother to mix until frothy.
  2. Scoop ice cream into a bowl or mug. Pour matcha shot over the ice cream and serve!


Want more fun recipes?

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