Matcha Beer (Plus, A Non-alcoholic Version)

Matcha Beer (Plus, A Non-alcoholic Version)

This green beer is ideal for any matcha lover’s St. Patrick’s day celebrations! Crisp, refreshing beer meets earthy and grassy notes of matcha for the perfect festive drink, free of artificial dyes! Use your favorite Japanese beer or a ginger beer for an alcohol-free version.

Making matcha beer is easy - there are only two ingredients! Here’s everything you’ll need for one glass:

  • Matcha: we recommend our Barista Edition Ceremonial Grade Wholesale Matcha. Shop Barista Edition >
  • Beer: one bottle; either a light Japanese beer or ginger beer for an alcohol-free version.



Making matcha beer is easy! Let’s lay out the steps.


Tools you’ll need:

  • Sifter
  • Small bowl
  • Chasen (bamboo matcha whisk)

STEP ONE: Sift the matcha into a small bowl

STEP TWO: Pour the beer into the bowl

STEP THREE: Whisk the beer and matcha together using the chasen until combined

STEP FOUR: Add the matcha and beer mixture to a tall beer glass



STEP FIVE: Pour remaining beer into the glass

Free from artificial dyes and full of earthy matcha flavor, we hope you love this fun, festive, matcha-fied version of St. Patrick’s day green beer. Drink up and enjoy!






  1. Sift the matcha into a bowl. Add two ounces of beer and gently whisk using a chasen (matcha whisk) until foamy. Pour the matcha into a beer glass and top with remaining beer.


Want more fun recipes?

We compiled a handy resource with more matcha recipes to experiment with. Download our FREE Barista Handbook >